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We are a self-performing company offering route-based and custom floor cleaning solutions nationwide.

You hire us, you get us—and our 30+ years’ experience!

Self-Performing, Route-Based

We do not subcontract our strip, scrub, or carpet services to other providers: all work is performed by tenured Clear Image employees who travel in routes, so you will get to know your Clear Image technician. We supplement our expert teams with qualified local service partners to assist us with our recurring custom floor maintenance buffing, janitorial, and window cleaning programs to keep your floors looking their best.


We offer seamless integration of our internal office systems into yours & are able to use a wide array of maintenance industry software platforms..

National accounts

held 16+ Years

Our proven experience with multi-site retail clients reflects our commitment, customer service, and performance.



A clean, safe floor tells customers they’re in the right place. Our highly trained Clear Image floor technicians use only the finest premium floor finishes to the customer’s specifications.

Keep your floors in very the best condition possible. Our premium floor finish not only protects the floor’s surface to resist scratches and scuffs, it extends the time between strippings, saving you money and time. Your customers and teams will notice the Clear Image difference.


Commercial floors take a beating, and Clear Image Technicians expertly turn back the clock on VCT & LVT/Vinyl floors. We’ll fully strip or deep-scrub the area, depending on service level, banishing dirt, grime, grease, and surface marks. Then we’ll coat with multiple coats of our premium grade floor finish. The layers of non-yellowing, non-powdering protection will extend time between cleaning cycles and leave you with a floor that’s a source of pride.



A clean, safe floor tells customers they’re in the right place. Our Clear Image technicians know how to keep your concrete floors in the very best condition possible. Your customers will notice the Clear Image difference.



A few examples of our professional results.


For a clear image of what we can do for you and information about our commercial floor cleaning and restoration services, please complete the form below or call 941.893.3733 and we will be more than happy to assist you with all your commercial facility floor care needs.